Your Galaxy phone doesn’t take charge anymore? Contacted your service provider insurance and found out your insurance doesn’t cover broken charging port?

Were you told your galaxy phone cannot be repaired from repair shop? Your search is over! You’ve come to the right place. iFIX smartphone offers repair on any Galaxy phone’s problem including not charging, no power, etc.

Our committed certified technicians can help you find a solution to your problem, at a fair price. Our repair is speedy, reliable, and affordable. Try it today!  iFIXsmartphone offers a full high quality smartphone repair service. Our cost effective smartphone repair service gives you peace of mind when you need to maintain, upgrade or repair your phone. Our full-time certified technicians on staff at our commercial location are dedicated to giving you the most efficient phone repair service available. It’s Simple.


Our smartphone repair service includes diagnostics (if you’re not sure what’s wrong with your phone). When in doubt, choose our FREE phone diagnosis, mail it in! Once we receive your iPhone, we’ll immediately let you know what repair service is needed! Walk-in is also welcome!

We provide services to local wireless stores when they cannot figure out how to fix your broken phones. That’s how good we are

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