Is your screen shattered?  Can’t see anything on the screen but you need to be in touch? Your phone is not working and can’t figure out what the problem is?


Do not worry. We have faced with many sets of broken iPhones, iPads, iOS devices as well as Androids. Yes! it is a common issue which happens to a lot of users. Due to the nature of the smartphone and tablet design, it’s easy to be damaged when it drops by its side which usually happens. Most common Issues which we usually face are the phone or tablet is being drop by children. For some they are using thin casing and didn’t expect for a single drop to even crack the ipad directly.


We had few worse issue which a customer’s child dropped the iPad from 5th floor but landed at 2nd floor. But iPad was still functioning after the repair. Another worse case was a client place his ipad 2 above the car and drove off which he realize that his ipad is not with him once he had reach home. He when searching the whole house and didn’t find the ipad. He when back to his car but still it’s not there. So they took a step to search for their ipad with iCloud-Find my iPad feature. They were surprise to find out that the ipad is still showing where it is. They drove back to where they were from and found that the ipad had flew off 100 meter from where they begin their journey back to home in which the next day they came to us and the ipad was fully fixed. There are lot story to be told but allow us to just share with this few first.

We can also provide glass replacement service on the phones such as Galaxy S7 edge or S8, etc! Once manufactures started to use curved AMOLED for the phone, we were not able to provide glass replacement service as it had to be replaced completely regardiless of the damage condition. We now have the machine and technique to service your phone to save your money.