No Fix, No Fee Solutions for your iPhone Logic Board Repair Problems.

We offer a variety of solutions for any circuit board microsoldering needs. We replace connectors, fix backlights, solve charging problems, repair broken traces, and much more.

Are you a repair shop looking for help?

If you decided to mail your device in, please follow below:

1. Email us at to make sure we have your correct email address.

2. We will email you back with work order form to fill out.

Please make sure the address field matches the return address on your package, so we can match up your order when received.

Then mail your phone tomail-address

Please make sure to include WORK ORDER FORM form with the package. This is so that I can clearly identify that it is your phone and what is wrong with yours. If you bought our service thru eBay, then include receipt from eBay or PayPal and write your eBay ID on the box.

3. Upon delivery of your phone you will receive an email when it is received and quote you the price of what needs to be repaired.  Upon payment, we will then repair any problems and attempt to restore full functionality to the best of our ability. You’ll receive an email either it is repaired or not repaired.  All repairs are generally performed the same day they are received.

4. Your phone will then be packaged to maximize protection. I use generous amounts of bubble wrap.

I will provide a tracking number, insurance (if purchased) for the package’s full value, and/or I will require a signature for delivery. I can also accommodate overnight shipping provided you pay for the extra charges (or provide an airbill for DHL, FedEX or UPS).